Six Oar Gig Project

The traditional West Cork six-oar racing gigs are around 32 feet long and carvel-built in traditional style, but very finely crafted to be as light as possible.

Rowing races were always the main event of West Cork regattas and they were fiercely competitive, but had died out by the early 1970’s.

We plan to revive this intercommunity rowing tradition in which there is still great pride by rebuilding two of the surviving boats (of which there are around five extant) using traditional materials and skills.

One of the gigs is from the island of Reengaroga, and the other from Ardrala, both areas on the estuary of the river Ilen.

When finished these boats will compete in local regattas, reviving a long tradition in which there is still fierce pride. The rebuilding will commence in the winter of 2015-2016 in a dedicated shed near Baltimore.